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For some time I have been intending to list the gins available at home, as peering into the cupboard always seems to miss something. This is therefore an alphabetical list of gins from which I am currently able to choose; I have included a link to the producer's website where known, details of the gin's geographical provenance and a brief description from the bottle.
  • Adnams Copper House Dry Gin (40%) [website]
    Handcrafted and copper stilled in the heart of Southwold
    (Adnams, Southwold, IP18 6JW)

  • Beefeater London Dry Gin (40%)
    Distilled in the heart of the City
    (Montford Place, London, SE11 5DE)

  • Bloom (40%) [website]
    A delicate floral gin inspired by the beauty of nature
    (G&J Greenall, Warrington, WA3 6PH)

  • Boe Superior Gin (41.5%) [website]
    Inspired by the original receipe of Franz de la Boe
    (VC2 Brands, Stirling, Scotland, FK7 7NP)

  • Bombay Amber (47%) [website]
    London Dry Gin vapour infused with nutmeg and toasted black cardamom balanced with bitter orange zest. Finished in French Vermouth barrels
    (The Bombay Spirits Company, Bacardi-Martini Ltd, Kings Worthy, Winchester, SO23 7TW)

  • Bombay Sapphire (40%) [website]
    (The Bombay Spirits Company, Bacardi-Martini Ltd, Kings Worthy, Winchester, SO23 7TW)

  • Bombay Sapphire East (42%) [website]
    For a unique gin with a subtly exotic taste our Master of Botanicals journeyed east, to Asia.
    (The Bombay Spirits Company, Bacardi-Martini Ltd, Kings Worthy, Winchester, SO23 7TW)

  • Boodles (40%)
    Fashioned with a proper balance of traditional herbs and botanicals without the addition of citrus.
    (Proximo Spirits, EC2R 5BJ)

  • Brecon Botanicals Gin (43%) [website]
    From the four corners of the world

  • Broker's Premium London Dry Gin (40%) [website]
    (Broker's Gin, TW17 8AG)

  • Bulldog (40%) [website]
    A brazen blend, perfectly balanced with natural poppy, dragon eye and hints of crisp citrus.
    (G&J Greenall, WA 6PH)

  • Caorunn (41.8%) [website]
    Small batch distilled and handcrafted in our Copper Berry Chamber at Balmenach Distillery in the Speyside region of the Scotting Highlands.
    (Balmenach Distillery, Cromdale, PH26 3PF)

  • Chancery Original Recipe London Dry Gin (43%)
    Distilled five times. A marriage of 100% pure grain spirit and nine exotic botanicals
    (Chancery London Dry Gin, Birchwood, WA3 6PH)

  • Cocoa Gin (42%) [website]
    (Hotel Chocolat Ltd, London, EC2M 6XB)

  • Conker Spirit: Dorset Dry Gin (40%) [website]
    We are Conker Spirit, Dorset's first gin distillery
    (Conker Spirit Distillery, Dorset, BH6 5HA)

  • Cotswolds Dry Gin (46%) [website]
    Non-chill filtered. Our gin is unfiltered so that all of the flavour from the botanical extracts and essential oils is suspended in the spirit, creating a beautiful pearlescent cloudiness when ice or mixer is added.
    (The Cotswold Distilling Companyu, Phillip's Field, Whichford Road, Stourton, Shipston on Stour, CV36 5HG)

  • Daffy's (43.4%) [website]
    The finest copper pot single-batch distilled gin
    (Daffy's Gin Ltd, 3-5 Melville Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7PE)

  • Darnley's View (42.7%) [website]
    A distinctive gin with warming spice botanicals
    (Wemyss Vintage Malts Ltd, 4 Melville Crescent, Edinburgh, EH3 7JA)

  • Durham Gin (40%) [website]
    A good honest spirit handmade in a copper pot still.
    (Durham Distillery, DH7 9TT)

  • Fifth Spire (47%) [website]
    Handcrafted in small batches using fresh citrus fruits
    (Greywood Distillery Ltd, Lichfield, WS14 0GE)

  • Gin Mare (42.7%)

  • Gordon's:The Original (37.5%) [website]
    Special Dry London Gin distilled in Great Britain since 1769
    (Tanqueray Gordon & Co, Lakeside Drive, London, NW10 7HQ)

  • Haymans London Dry Gin (40%) [website]
    We have been making the finest handcrafted gins since 1863. Hayman's London Dry Gin is a classic blend of ten carefully selected botanicals including juniper, coriander and citrus fruits, producing a crisp, elegant and balanced gin of the London dry style.
    (Hayman Distillers, CM8 3YE)

  • Hendrick's Gin (44%)
    This handcrafted gin is distilled from a proprietary recipe which includes traditional botanicals such as juniper, coriander and citrus peel. The 'unexpected' infusiuion of cucumber and rose petals results in a most iconoclastic gin. It is not for everyone.
    (William Grant and Sons Ltd, Scotland, ML4 3AN)

  • Hoxton Gin (43%) [website]
    Warning! Grapefruit and Coconut
    (Calabrese Harte Enterprises Ltd)

  • M Savers Gin (37.5%)
    (Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC, Gain Lane, Bradford, BD3 7DL)

  • Madam Geneva (42%)
    London Dry Gin as it should be. Simple, dry and juniper forward with angelica, citrus and a hint of liquorice.
    (Eccentric Gin, Wheatsheaf Rooms, High Street, Llantrisant, CF72 8BQ)

  • Martin Miller's Gin (40%)
    Distilled in Englnd and blended with Icelandic water for Arctic clarity
    (The Reformed Spirits Co, Plaza 535, Kings Road, London, SW10 0SZ)

  • No 3 London Dry Gin (46%) [website]
    No 3 London Dry Gin is made in the time-honoured fashion born of 300 years of using traditional copper pot stills.
    (Berry Bros & Ruddington, No 3, St James's Street, London SW1)

  • Norfolk Gin (39%) [website]
    Norfolk Gin made by hand in the fine city of Norwich. Flavour and taste at its best... enjoy!
    (New Adventure (Norfolk) Ltd, No 21, Norwich, NR4 7QP)

  • Old English Gin (44%) [website]
    (Hammer & Son Ltd)

  • Oliver Cromewell Dry London Gin (37.5%)
    Delicately infused and traditionally distilled classic zesty dry gin
    (Aldi Stores, Po Box 26, Atherstone, CV9 2SH)

  • Opihr (40%) [website]
    Botanicals from the ancient spice route
    (G&J, WA3 6PH)

  • Plymouth Gin - Navy Strength (57%) [website]
    Plymouth Gin has been the gin of the British Royal Navy for over 200 years.
    (V&S Plymouth Ltd, Black Friars Distillery, Plymouth, England)

  • Portobello Road No 171 Gin (42%)
    (171 Portobello Road, London)

  • Professor Corneliuss Ampleforth's Bathtub Gin (43.3%)
    (2 Leylands Manor, TN6 2RH)

  • Silent Pool (43%) [website]
    Intricately realised gin distilled from grain, precisely crafted in England.
    (Silent Pool Distillers, Surrey, GU5 9BW)

  • Sipsmith (41.6%) [website]
    (Sipsmith, 83 Cranbrook Road, London, W4 2LJ)

  • Six o'clock Gin (43%) [website]
    Strikingly Smooth: 6 o'clock is a refreshingly smooth gin with a clean flavour led by juniper. The smoothness flows from out custom-built copper pot still with its unique double sphere head, together with the selection of botanicals and our distiller's craft; only the pure heart of each run makes the cut.
    (Bramley & Gage Ltd, Thornbury, BS35 3UU)

  • Star of Bombay (47.5%) [website]
    An extraordinarily refined gin crafted in single batches with bergamot and ambrette seeds in harmony with Bombay's signature botanicals
    (The Bombay Sapphire Distillery, Laverstoke Mill, Laverstoke, RG28 7NR)

  • Tanqueray Number 10 (47.3%)
    Fresh botonicals and hints of citrus give Tanqueray NoTen its exquisite flavour and smooth finish. Tanqueray NoTen is a refreshingly unique spirit which makes a truly fresh tasting martini
    (Charles Tanqueray & Co, London, W1U 5AP)

  • Tanqueray Rangpur (41.3%) [website]
    Distilled Gin with rare Rangpur Limes and other botanicals

  • Tesco finest London Dry Gin (43%) [website]
    Nine botanicals. Juniper, zesty citrus, subtle earthy tones and a hint of spice.
    (G&J Distillers for Tesco Stores Ltd, Cheshunt, EN8 9SL)

  • The King of Soho (42%) [website]
    This premium quality gin is a tribute to the King of Soho, a man who never settled for the ordinary and challenged the establishment.
    (West End Drinks Ltd, W1S 4TE)

  • The Lakes Gin (43.7%) [website]
    The Lakes Gin - the only gin distilled in Cumbria. The Lakes Gin, lovingly hand crafted in our small copper pot still, is truly born of The Lake District.
    (The Lakes Distillery Company Ltd, Cumbria, UK)

  • The Oringial Bombay London Dry Gin (37.5%) [website]
    Eight hand selected botanicals from a 1761 recipe
    (The Bombay Spirits Company, Bacardi-Martini Ltd, Kings Worthy, Winchester, SO23 7TW)

  • Thomas Dakin Gin (42%)
    A classic style single gin with juniper and citrus notes, distilled in small batches in our copper pot stills.
    (Thomas Dakin Distillers, WA3 6PH)

  • Whitley Neill (42%) [website]
    Handcrafted Dry Gin. Small Batch. Distilling gin for eight generations since 1762
    (Halewood International Ltd, Liverpool, L36 6AD)

  • Williams Chase (48%) [website]
    The Spirit of Herefordshire. Made from apples grown on our farm.
    (Chase Distillery, Rosemaund, HR1 3PG)

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