Friday 30 December 2016

Android, Twitter App and Tweetdeck Website

The situation:

  • I have four Twitter accounts
  • I post to all the accounts manually from the official Twitter app on my Android phone
  • I use Tweetdeck on my laptop to schedule posts to one Twitter account

In 2015 Twitter changed the Tweetdeck login credentials. This presented no massive issue to me as I only really use Tweetdeck to schedule one account and I do that from the laptop once every few months. On the very odd occasion I need to schedule things on the other accounts, I can switch accounts relatively easily - albeit manually - on the laptop.

However, occasionally I need to edit the scheduled tweets in Tweetdeck from my Android phone. As there is no Tweetdeck app, I have to use Chrome. When accessing and entering the login credentials, I am simply redirected to the Twitter app on my phone. This is infuriating and useless. I don't want to log out of the Twitter app as it has all the four accounts set up and is tiresome to set them all up again.

This basically means that it is impossible to use Tweetdeck from my phone while the Twitter app is logged in.

While it might be a simple workaround, I could not find any reference to this issue anywhere else online so I thought it was worth posting: simply open an incognito window in the Chrome browser, visit and enter the login credentials for the account you want to schedule or manage and everything works as you would expect.