Wednesday 10 October 2012

Las Vegas and Free WiFi

This is a somewhat niche post which was initially written for my personal future reference, should it be needed. However, as it might prove helpful for other travellers, I thought I would make it public.

A couple of years ago, finding free WiFi in Las Vegas was a challenge. Over the course of a few days at the end of August 2012, it seemed that matters have improved to some extent. While the casinos still want to keep people focused on losing money playing on the slots and tables, the following is a list of places where I found free WiFi.

  • The Aria casino has the best gaming floor coverage I found with a decent connection guaranteed wherever your find yourself losing money
  • Bellagio's gaming floor appears to have some access, but it was a little patchy.
  • The Cosmopolitan casino has free access which was certainly available around the bar close the gaming floor entrance on the Strip.
  • Excalibur has no free WiFi in the casino itself, but on the first floor, krispykreme offers free access.
  • There is access to Luxor's service towards the hotel check in desks on the gaming floor.
  • Macy's in the Fashion Mall offers the 'Macysfreewifi'.
  • The Apple Store in the Fashion Mall has a multitude of devices connected to the Internet to use, and users can connect to the free WiFi too.
  • The Monte Carlo casino's gaming floor has access at various points, but the signal was never particularly strong.
  • The Wynn seemed to have coverage across the gaming floor, but in the areas near the entrance from the Strip the signal was not very strong.

In the past, I have found some Starbucks and MacDonald's offer free WiFi, but this is not guaranteed and not something I had chance to check on this visit.

If you are down town, WiFi seems pretty much non-existent. However, people braving the streets outside the Fremont Street Experience will find a cafe with WiFi for its customers at Emergency Arts.

This list is, of course, liable to change and living some 5,000 miles east of Vegas, I cannot guarantee the current validity of the information. Nevertheless, if it is useful to at least one person it was worth posting.

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